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    Please see just some of the examples of what our customers say about us. This is only a partial list. Like one of our customers said about us, Low Price makes you order from us, and our superior products and excellent customer service makes you a customer for a lifetime.

    Have you bought something from us, then we would love to hear from you. Please send us your story and your pictures which we can use on our site, to We would love to hear from you

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    The following are some of the emails and letters we have received from our customers, without their pictures.


    Best Customer Service and Equally Superb Engagement Ring

    I have to admit that I did not know too much about the diamonds and jewelry. But time was now to purchase the Engagement ring. I called JeenJewels customer service over 4 times to learn everything about engagement rings and diamonds. I even called them around 2 A.M. in the NIGHT!!! I was so anxious to get it just perfect. Everytime that I called the representative was knowledgeable, patient, and gracious. I got my thorough education from them.Ready to make the purchase, I ordered my engagement ring from them and I can say that I could not have made a better decision. Exception price for my engagement ring was way below other online websites and definitely way below other local jewelers. My wife absolutely loves the ring and I am one happy camper. Thanks all the way for a really great Engagement ring and superb customer service.

    Trace and Allen from Santa Barbara, CA.


    Beautiful ring at a very low price.

    How do you all at JeenJewels do it. The prices offered on your engagement rings are so low compared to others. I was hesitant about ordering from you all because I was thinking how can they offer such low prices. However now I realize that I was panicking for no reason. I love the very beautiful ring that I have received from you and what great customer service. From the point of purchase to follow up call. Really great, thanks.

    Joanna, Westlake Village CA


    A very wise investment.

    I was looking to spend around $1,000 on my purchase for an engagement ring. I researched the websites on the internet and in the area jewelry stores. When I looked at your website at I was surprised to see the fantastic low prices. I could get the same ring that I was planning to purchase elsewhere from you and I saved over $300. I think I have made a very wise investment and I love the product. Very beautiful engagement ring.

    Harim Juno, Beverly Hills, CA


    Absolutley Fantastic

    I heard about from my friend who has purchased from them before and I am thankful for his information because what great quality and what great price. After spending many days looking for a proper engagement ring I was so elated to buy from JeenJewels. Not only have you made this soon to be engaged man very happy, but I can also picture the smile on her face when I would give this to her.

    Bruce Kimbell, St Louis


    I love my engagement ring

    My husband proposed to me beginning of February and besides the wonderful location where he proposed me, the most fantastic thing was my Engagement Ring. He would not first tell me where he got it from, but he eventually told me. I am so so happy with JeenJewels for this wonderful engagement ring. I really love it.

    Susan Ruth, New York, NY


    Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!

    Man, I got my Engagement Ring from you guys at and I am so happy beyond words. I cant believe that I got such a wonderful stunning engagement ring for the price I paid. I love the ring its pure love. And what great customer service from James at JeenJewels. thank you for helping me out and I love it man.

    Happy Customer, Baltimore


    The best purchase I ever made!

    I know that engagement will always be a stressful event, but this ring made the event beyond compare and wonderful. I have never receive more compliments on any purchase ever! This ring so far exceeded my expectations. My friends are so envious with the same especially those who have already bought their rings before, they cannot believe I got such great quality and this low price. All thanks to you

    Brad Sweeny, Virginia


    She cannot believe her eyes, he he!

    I had the ring delivered to my workplace. I was so amazed by how beautiful the ring looked! I was planning to propose my better half in 2 weeks but I could not wait to give this beautiful piece of jewelry to her. I proposed her 1 week early and she is shocked by its beauty. Thank you guys and I love your website ,really stunning, great work keep it at

    Stephen and Margaret, San Diego, CA


    "She loves the ring!"

    The ring was beautiful, she loved it! I love it that how affordable my engagement ring came out to be. Your Half Carat diamond prices are totally the lowest prices I have ever seen online or in any stores. The ring looks even more beautiful than on the website. And you know what it looks the best on her fingers. JeenJewels you guys rock. Thanks!

    Sam Mitchell, Smyrna GA


    We love the ring. Much More than we expected, very great pricing!!!!

    We are very pleased with the purchase experience and the quality specially the value of the ring. We had the ring independently appraised after receiving it and the appraised to more than 3 times the purchase price. I cannot believe how beautiful it looks. Very great pricing. Thanks JeenJewels and we would definitely come back again. We love the ring.

    Gary G., New Jersey


    She said the ring is perfect, and that is more than enough for me..

    I didn't know much about diamonds before I started looking for the right engagement ring, and after perusing several places on the web, JeenJewels website stood out among others, very user friendly and helpful customer service. I actually called them at around 2 in the night to find out more about their offer and they gave me all the help I needed. Now the ring is on her finger and she said it is perfect. And that is more than enough for me. I cannot begin to thank you JeenJewels, you people are wonderful.

    Steven, Monterey, CA


    My fiance loves it

    The engagement ring is absolutely beautiful. I love the beautiful gift box it came in and I wanted to thank James for his clever ideas regarding proposal. You all have made it a very pleasant experience for me.

    Amir J, Los Angeles, CA


    Many thanks

    My purchase just arrived today and I am now preparing to give her the engagement ring. I love the beautiful packaging and gift box it came in. Definitely love your prices. Perfect in every way.

    Mark Gimsey, Lansing MI


    I can't say thank you enough

    I just received my stunning 1/3 carat solitaire ring and I am blown away. This is definitely the most beautiful jewelry I have ever seen. My experience with JeenJewels has been totally perfect. I would recommend you to all my friends. And for sure you will be seeing me again.

    Jimmy Loase, Kansas City, KS


    She was very happy with the engagement ring!!

    At first, I was a little worried about ordering an engagement ring over the internet. But, after I ordered the ring, I experienced first hand the professionalism of the staff JeenJewels with their follow up calls and courtesy. They don’t just sell you the rings, they made me feel welcomed for any questions in the future. I love your customer service.

    Tom Lament, Everett WA


    I loved your heart pendant.

    Very beautiful pendant with diamonds and I love the dainty heart shape, it has got a great quality appearance. I am normally very selective about my jewelry often very choosy but your pendant is just beautiful.

    Remy Cain, Phoenix, AZ


    An unforgettable Engagement Ring and a perfect proposal

    I went over countless proposal ideas in my head to make it just prefect. I did all the hard work and spent so much energy into it. But needless to say, JeenJewels stole the show. The engagement ring of yours made her so happy that she cried. That was the best moment in my life so far. I cannot say how appreciative I am to you guys. Thank you I am very happy and satisfied. A very great super buy.

    Minh Steet, Los Angeles, CA


    A thousand thanks.!!!!

    My wife was overwhelmed and so surprised when she opened the courier package because she did not know what was inside. It was like the Kodak moment. I can still clearly see the surprise in her eyes. She loves it and now she has been wearing her stud earrings ever since. Its perfect quality and need I say that I love your super low prices.

    Will J, Kentucky


    She is still crying at times.

    I have given her the engagement ring over 7 days ago and still when she looks at it at times she starts crying of joy. She said that she never expected such a beautiful ring. In reality she was expecting something on silver, but your low prices made me able to buy her a real diamond on real gold. And can I just say that I cannot thank you JeenJewels people enough for making this happen.

    Very Satisfied, New York, NY


    How can you make your Engagement Rings so affordable

    I want to admit that I was skeptic at first to see the really low prices on your engagement rings. I mean comeon, they are like atleast half of what others have got out there. But I wanted to give it a try, as there was that 30 day return policy. Now you know what, it is going to be with us for the rest of our lives. I love the beautiful engagement ring and I love your prices more. Made it possible for me to spend more on our planned vacation. Really great, and thank you JeenJewels.

    Gregory, San Francisco, CA


    I would recommend JeenJewels to all my friends and family

    I wanted everything to be perfect. But that does not necessarily mean I had all the money in the world to make it perfect. I wanted to give her an engagement ring that she would love for the rest of our lives. I was stressed about getting one, until I found and it has been pure joy ever since. The ring arrived in mail promptly and it has blown us both away. Everything was seamless -- from the ordering process, status updates, overnight delivery and packaging. Thank you so much for your great service.

    Jimmy Hahn, Rochester NY


    We've never received so many compliments

    After 5 years of marriage I thought that the time was right to give my wife a beautiful jewelry. I looked around the internet and then saw your journey pendant. It is so beautiful and my wife wears it whenever she gets the chance. We have never received more compliments ever. Her friends keep on staring at her neck. And she is loving all the attention. Great value buy for a stunning piece of jewelry. A+ all the way.

    Mark, Lake Tahoe, CA



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