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Silver Rings

Silver has been around for centuries. With that has evolved Silver Rings. Ever since the conception of silver rings, they have been popular with the masses and also the classes. Diamonds, Gemstones can be set with our Sterling Silver Rings. We at JeenJewels specialize in Silver Wedding Rings, Silver Engagement Rings, Forever Silver Rings, Promise Silver Rings to name a few categories.

Our Silver Rings and Silver Jewelry collections are cheap and affordable for all budget. Our well priced silver rings are also made with variation of gemstones. We have Ruby Silver Rings, Emerald Silver Rings, Pearl Silver Rings, Sapphire Silver Rings to give you an idea.

If you are looking for sterling silver jewelry and sterling silver rings for women and men, you can find one of the best collection and design settings with gemstones and diamonds on JeenJewels.

We take speacial care in creating these fine Silver ornaments for and we would like you to do the same. Silver Engagement Rings, Silver Ruby Rings and the rest of the silver jewelry would require regular cleaning to ensure that original lusture is constant for the period you have them in your possesion. The Shine and Glitter of the silver band would be a constant as with Cleaning and Polishing .

We are the manufacturer of our rings. Since we do not have any middle men, thus reducing our overheads and we pass the low cost onto you. Since you get the affordable silver rings from us which are also of high quality, we reassure ourselves of getting repeat customers.

The silver Rings are make in Real Sterling Silver. Pure Silver is 100% pure silver metal. Since it is not possible to make durable silver with 100% pure silver, we make the diamond rings in Sterling Silver which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other mixed alloys. This is a standard practise with all major jewelers.

Feel free to contact our customer service representatives to enquire regarding any questions which you may have.


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